Trust and experience are key when it comes to hiring a handyman. With The Handyman, Inc., you get both, and a whole lot more. You’ll find our handymen to be honest and courteous and our repair services effective and affordable. Whatever home improvements, repairs, or upgrades you need done, please contact us.

We look for 1-3 day jobs for a 2 man team.


• Window & Door Replacements
• Exterior Trim Restorations
• Plastering Restorations
• Masonry Restorations
• Ventilation Ducting
• Tiling; Showers, Entries, Backsplashes
• Tile Maintenance
• Tub Caulking
• Facia & Gutter Replacements
• Soffit Ventilation
• Fencing Repairs
• Safety Grab Bars and Handrails
• Water Infiltration Assessment and Repair
• Hardscape Patios & Walkways
• Storage/Organization Solutions
• Exterior Sidewall Restorations
• Custom Bulkheads
• Masonry Pointing and Parging
• Fieldstone Foundation Bolstering
• Basement Foundation Restorations


General Bundled Tasks (minimum 1 team day)
Wall Mountings, Window Treatments, Flatscreens, Hardware Maintenance, Clogged Drains, Bathroom Accessories, Grout Maintenance, Tub Caulking, Flooring Repairs, Sill Insulation, Wall Dings, Ceiling Stains, Gutter Cleaning, Touch-up Painting, Dryer Vent Safety, Weather Stripping and Draft Prevention, Stair Railing Maintenance.